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An omni-tool for the energy-age.

  1. A body powered piezo-electric generator

  2. A micro-processor, transceiver, and a fabricator.

  3. A standard currency + exchange for compute power  - q|b 

cSole (short for console)

Built for Intelligence 

Driven by Mesh AI

Modular by design

Control all machines

Sol-band will come integrated with a micro-processor and transistor that will let you interact with any electro-mgnetic device (radio waves to micro-waves). Do you want generate a report of your hear rate in the last 60 days? Command: generate-log-heartrate-60days; Do you want to deploy all your drones per schedule? Command: deploy-dronefamily. No scrolling, only commanding. 

Make your own fabrications

The sol-band comes integrated with a mini 3-d printer that can cast various materials. This can help you create chip-sets based on your unique need. Do you need a small bottle opener? Make one with the fabricator engine by using your energy q|b

Buy/Sell Power

Gain access to a fully independent power grid and transact in energy-cubes.

1 q|b = 1 joule/second.

To learn more visit 

Let your life revolve around you

Connect AI to source-of-truth serves and enable dynamic, knowledge bots on Slack or Teams.. Schedule meetings/events and alerts through typed or spoken natural commands. Create docs, memos, and polls easily through your existing technology stack - Office/Gsuite/other.  

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