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Mesh AI creates a mesh of all your apps and devices. Perform powerful AI tasks across any number of apps or devices. 

A peer to peer electricity grid that runs on body generated power with many people.jpg

An independent energy grid for trading self-generated power.

a cryptocurrency exchange that spans across a peer 2 peer to peer network .jpg

Saving. Lending. Investing. Led by tech, built for the next-generation. 

A new app store and news room that releases axiomatic news and a forum for debate with a g

Independant Newsroom and App Store for all apps on the mesh network - Private Mesh, Public Mesh, AnYon ID, Kalio Calender, nCodeq + extranets and more to come

Brahma Temple

Coming soon for all our India exclusive ventures. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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