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AnYon ID

Seamless. 0 Auth. All credentials.

Never worry about forgetting any of your credentials. All credentials, tokens, usb keys, passwords, and general identity based information like Driver's License Number, Voter ID, W2/Tax documents will be ingested and stored on your extranet in perpetuity. Since only a cSols owner can generate power to the device, the user's identity is never in question. 

Personal, Secure, Optionally Physical

Security does not end with password creation. How and where these passwords are stored is equally crucial. Our software does not store any credentials. Instead, it creates a unique fractal (like a snowflake) for you. This unique fractal is unique only to you and is generated on each authentication. This allows one to store and share fabrications of confidential passwords safely but also to approve the usage anonymously. As long as someone holds your fractal, and uses it for auth, only you will be notified about it, with the ability to approve or deny the access attempt.

Feature Ideas?

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