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cys-ai is designed to work out of the box for all personal use cases. Once fully set up, use the flow manager to edit your task flow. All the context is used in real time learning and is available to be called by context.


Access the AI from all endpoints in your digital sphere from laptops to IOT devices. Issue commands from any endpoint that is setup on your mesh. Perform powerful tasks that require manual assessments and inputs through multi-staged commands that will let the AI act as your agent. 

Enjoy an application system developed around you. 

Everything from the calendar, to navigation, and personal wellbeing - Our apps are developed to live and die by you. At all points, you will have access to your own personal extranet. We will care for your extranet even when you arn't active. Imagine it as a glass bubble growing on the surface of the internet. You can see and grab anything relevant to you through nCodeq

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