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Kalio Cal

Goal setting and tracking

Calendars are meant for setting time bound goals and tracking day-to-day progress against them. However, they fail to give you the executive breakdown that most high-performing individuals use. Ex. What has been your health progress across the last 3 hundred day cycles? 

Presidents and Ministers plan in 100 day cycles despite the dificulty in tracking due to it's higer rate of effectivity. Studies show that tracking your targets across metric scales - 1 day, 10 days, 100 days, and 1000 days (usually a term), is a proven method for planning and tracking OKRs. 

Kalio Cal does exactly that, planning both personal and professional goals like your personal chief of staff. Over time, it will learn to set time on people's calendars based on segments of time over weekly and monthly calendars, which usually bury you in the drudgery of work-days and holidays.

How many days have you been alive?
How much time was spent sleeping? Exercising? 

I have been alive for 9767 days. That is equal to 26.778 years. This means that I have spent about 9.5 years of my life alseep. But that's only an estimation. With Kalio cal, know exactly how much time of your life you spent doing the things that matter to you. 

Here's a simple program that will track your time in days, along with an estimate of various body states. It also breaks down time into various metric segments so you can start tracking you daily, 10-day, 100-day, and 1000-day goals immediately.  - COMING SOON

Fun fact: 10,000 days is commonly referred to as a jubilee.

Connect, Freely.

We also want Kalio Cal to improve the experience of connecting with one another. Unlike cellular or wi-fi traffic, none of your communications are monitored through their ability to be relayed on private FM bands that are restricted to the government and private corporations. This feature will improve over time and private channels can be rented/leased. 

Feature Ideas?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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