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nCodeq + Extranet

Find one result, the right one.

The internet is used less to scroll around in and more to find what you're looking for, quickly. When is the last time you went to the second page of your search results instead of reframing your search? Don't foot the bill for search engines by wasting your time - leave that to the peer-server. Find exactly what you are looking for from the safety of your extranet. There are many apps that will let you scroll around from social media, shopping to food. 

You are your extranet

With a larger goal of replicating your mind onto a server powered by your own body, consider your extra-net as a slowly developing mind projection that only you can have access to. Similar to a glass-ceiling, an extranet is a glass-floor, creating a transparent picture of the internet below your feet. Leverage what you need from the internet and let your extranet learn how you approach problems. With the Cys AI integration, the extranet will slowly develop into a clone of your mind, approaching and solving your problem exactly as you would. Or even better, you at your fullest.  

Have 10 heads, 10 bodies, and 20 arms

Access all your knowledge banks/bots and perform actions and pre-built automations across your sphere of life. Do you need an overview of all of your farms across the world?

cli - deploy-farmdrones-global

Slice and dice data, perform complex E(n)T(n)L(n)s, automate purchasing decisions based on dynamic, future, or condition dependent events, and more. Truly leverage the power of the IOT and become a virtual cyborg.  

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