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self-learning AI agent

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Speak to Mesh AI and it will get done. Mesh AI connects all your apps and devices, and can act as your agent. It can interact with GUIs, perform ETL from any app or device source, and make decissions with derived, calculated, or scheduled inputs.

No setup required. Just plug, create your mesh, build a flow, and play!

End-to-end encrypted and secured per web3 privacy standards.


Mesh AI is patent pending. Our technology aims to develop General AI through heuristic and self-learning modules. Our vision is to create a single AI for your company, enterprise, business, or factory.

Improve your team's efficiency in orders of magnitude (10x) - Enable 10x performance improvements across multi-staged, qualitative and quantitiative tasks involving many stakeholders and systems with less than 10% of the resource commitment.

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